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MARCH 2021

March 11, 2021 9:47 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

President Steve Lehenbauer called the video conference meeting to order, with 6 Board Members present. Frank Etzler of the Montana Dept of Ag (MDA) reported on the Marimo moss ball. These balls were being sold for use in aquariums and other aquarian areas, and have been found with Zebra muscles, an invasive species, attached. Frank also reported that House Bill 361, which proposed removing sod growers from the nursery licensing program, had died out thanks to the presentation by Steve at the legislative hearing. Carson Thomas, of MDA, gave an update on the pesticide for the Japanese beetle problem. Good Earth Works and Gainans in Billings will distribute the pesticide. Application time is mid-to-late May to target the larvae. No special license is needed to distribute or apply this pesticide. The 2021 budget was reviewed, with Peter motioning to approve, and Kristi seconded. Steve moved to have Gina attend the virtual National Landscape Association Executives conference April 26-28. Kristi commented that it is important for Gina to attend as she is still fairly new for our organization. Motion carried. Upcoming events were reviewed, with Fall Tour stops suggested, and speakers for the 2022 Expo discussed. Purchase of a streaming camera for the Billings Chapter meetings was proposed, with plans to stream Billings Chapter meetings state-wide discussed. Laura moving to approve the purchase, Kristi seconded. Kristi reported that she had met with students at MSU to discuss the scholarship program. Gina reported on attending dinner with Governor Gianforte and representatives from 14 other state associations, where she reported on the survey results from our members on industry regulations, and heard from other associations on the challenges they are facing.

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