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  • September 01, 2015 6:53 PM | Anonymous member

    The September meeting was called to order by President Sarah Kleinschmidt at the Elkhorn Mountain Inn at Clancy, MT. The June minutes and financial statements for July – August were approved. We were pleased to have Craig Reggelbrugge from AmericanHort join the meeting. Jyl reported membership dues had come in well this year. There were only a few second notices that needed to be mailed out. The annual review on the Plant Something specialty crop block grant was conducted in July with the Dept of Ag. Judy Sharpton’s recent visit to several MNLA members was well received. The 990 Tax Return was filed. The CPA tax preparation cost was down due to the professional record keeping done for us by Bar Accounting Service. Donna Rise from the MT Dept of Ag reported small findings from the Japanese Beetle traps. Billings and Big Timber areas were the finds. Lake, Cascade and Gallatin counties are now in the eradicated status. Sweet Grass and Lewis & Clark counties need 1 more year Japanese Beetle free to be considered eradicated. The Department would like to work with MNLA on proposed nursery fee changes to bring before the 2017 Legislature. Donna will do a presentation on this at the 2016 Montana Green Expo. The Fall Tour agenda was discussed. An Expo update was given by James and Ryan. Shane discussed his views to start a conversation about the value of MNLA…around the room discussion lit up. The value of media and explaining MNLA benefits was discussed. Sara mentioned involvement by FFA, DECCA, Master Gardeners and other groups would be nice both at the Expo and in general. The 2016 Fall Tour will be held in Missoula in September. The meeting adjourned and the Board attended the Pollinator Protection Symposium in the afternoon.

  • June 01, 2015 6:53 PM | Anonymous member

    The June meeting was held by conference call and called to order by President Sarah Kleinschmidt. The minutes and financials were approved by Consent Agenda. Donna Rise from the MT Dept of Ag reported recent training info is published on-line. Japanese beetle traps are now out. Their flight season is typically July. Nursery inspections are in process at this time. Wild Apricot, our web database management software, is imposing a fee increase; however, MNLA can lock in their current price for two years with payment now. A motion was made and approved to lock in the current rate for two years with payment in June, a $450 savings. Plans for the 2nd Annual Golf Tournament in Billings in August and Fall Tour in September in Helena are progressing well. James Prchal is working to line up speakers for the 2016 Expo. Ryan Rubie is securing booths for the Trade Show. The next meeting will be September 17 prior to the Fall Tour.

  • May 01, 2015 3:22 PM | Anonymous member

    The May meeting was held by conference call and called to order by 1st Vice President, James Prchal.  The consent agenda was approved.  Jyl reported on attending the Nursery & Landscape Association Executives of North America (NLAE) conference in Nashville the end of April.  Donna reported on the rules notice to raise fees by administrative rule had been delayed and more analysis is being done.  For optimum attendance holding Area Chapter Meetings was moved back to early Fall due to summer being our members busy season.  Holly Wadsworth, James Prchal, Mike Cashman and Shane Clouse reported on Arbor Day activities in their areas.  The Board approved giving tee shirts to the attendees at the Fall Tour.   The Fall Tour has typically not produced adequate revenue to cover the cost to hold it.  The Board approved raising registration fees from $35 to $50 for members to help cover the cost.  Golf Scramble sponsor letters were mailed.  Shane Clouse is soliciting articles for the Summer Leaflet.  Jennifer Weiss reported five students from MSU passed the CPP Written Exam on May 7.

  • April 15, 2015 3:24 PM | Anonymous member

    The April meeting was held by conference call and called to order by President Sarah Kleinschmidt.  The minutes and financials were approved.  Jyl celebrates her third anniversary with MNLA this month.  Plant Something marketing materials were delivered to retail members.  The Board approved giving the teacher of each class attending the Kalispell and Billings Arbor Day celebrations the book, "I Can Name 50 Trees" to take back to the classrooms for a total of 16.  The Billings MNLA Chapter has set August 6th for the Annual Golf Scramble.  The Board approved having the 2017 Montana Green Expo in Bozeman with the Holiday Inn and Gran Tree jointly holding the event.  The Strategic Planning Committee will tentatively meet in June.  The use of a Consent Agenda to approve the minutes and financial statements was approved and will be implemented in May.

  • March 15, 2015 3:25 PM | Anonymous member

    The March meeting was held by conference call and called to order by President Sarah Kleinschmidt. The minutes and financials were approved.  The Board approved renewing the contract with Bar Accounting Services for the upcoming year.  Gainan’s will present a seminar on March 28 on the "2015 Widespread Damaged Evergreens in Yellowstone County; To Remove or Not Remove".  James Prchal will assist with the seminar.  The MNLA Expo Booth Contract has been updated.  Lynda Wightman of Hunter Industries has expressed interest in holding an "Irrigation College" at the 2016 Expo and is working with the Board on the presentation.  Ian Baldwin has agreed to be the Keynote Speaker at the 2016 Expo.  Donna Rise from the MT Dept of Agriculture reported their website lists upcoming Pesticide Applicator Training dates as well as Farmers Market listings.  The Department will host a Pollinator Protection Symposium in conjunction with the MNLA Fall Tour in September.  The Board discussed the possibility of holding the 2017 Expo in Bozeman.

  • February 15, 2015 2:27 PM | Anonymous member

    The MNLA Board of Directors met at the Holiday Inn in Helena with Sarah Kleinschmidt calling the meeting to order. The board reviewed and passed the previous meeting minutes.  The board reviewed and tabled the budget for 2015 until the next meeting.  Details of the 2015 fall tour in Helena are starting to take shape with a date of Friday September 18th.   Shane Clouse reported on The Montana Dept. of Agriculture rules hearing and Donna Rise gave update to changes occurring with staff and regulations.  The 2016 Expo was discussed with Missoula a strong choice and ideas for speakers and seminars presented.  Expo 2017 city was discussed with the possibility of Bozeman brought to light.  Jennifer Weiss updated the board on CPP test results.  James Prchal discussed the status of the spring newsletter.  New board members were welcomed and agreed to the duties given.  The board discussed the future of MNLA and the need to find new members.  The Board agreed that the benefits of joining the MNLA are not being presented to new member candidates well enough.  The MNLA board feels that the strong camaraderie, the valuable knowledge network of its members, and the connections with the MDA to be able to help shape future legislation are key.

  • January 15, 2015 2:28 PM | Anonymous member

    The meeting was called to order at the Holiday Inn in Billings during the Expo.  The Minutes of the previous meeting and financials were reviewed and approved.  233 people are registered to attend Expo.  The Board reviewed their duties and responsibilities for Expo. The 3rd Vice President Position nominee is Shane Clouse – Agro Vitae d/b/a Pink Grizzly Greenhouse, Missoula, MT. The Secretary Position is also available since Karen Chadwick has fulfilled her term. Greg Johnson, the acting 3rd Vice President announced he would have to step down from his position due to personal circumstances leaving a 2nd Vice President Position open. The board voted to accept Shane Clouse into the 2nd Vice President Position if acceptable at the annual membership meeting. The Plant Something grant was discussed and its value as a member benefit.  James Prchal and Jyl Story will attend the Idaho Exposition January 21-23 in Boise, ID.  James Prchal and Sarah Kleinschmidt will attend the ATMOPP Conference January 25-27 at Fairmont.  The Fall Tour location was selected in Helena in September.

  • December 15, 2014 2:29 PM | Anonymous member

    Donna Rise from the Montana Department of Agriculture reported the Nursery Fee Legislation was resurfacing.  More details will follow once a bill sponsor has been secured.   The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing the Expo.  Ryan reported 66 booths secured for the Expo with a potential of 3-5 more.  Gainans will provide an interesting seminar on Tuesday evening which will also be free to the public.  Marketing was discussed.  We feel we have a very good slate of speakers this year.  Jyl noted good sponsor participation in the Expo.   Holly requested each board member secure two auction items for the Scholarship Silent Auction.  Jennifer noted we have six people signed up to take the CPP Exam at Expo.  Shane Clouse has offered to have his name considered for the 3rd Vice President position on the MNLA Board.  We are still searching for a nominee for the Secretary position.  A job posting board will be available during Expo for members to post job opportunities.  Sarah will add some games to the Trade Show reception festivities.

  • November 15, 2014 2:29 PM | Anonymous member
    The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the upcoming Montana Green Expo.  The speaker list is getting completed, we will brainstorm more ideas for additional vendors in the trade show, the book order is being finalized for the book table – a new feature at the show this year, and awards and contests were reviewed.  Concern was noted in the report from the Department of Ag with Idaho petitioning the National Plant Board to change Montana’s status from category 1 to a category 2 state.  This information is preliminary and the Board will keep updated and follow through with whatever action is necessary.  A Board working group along with Professor Bill Hoch from MSU will meet to review the Certified Plant Professional manual and exams for any necessary updates.
  • June 19, 2014 8:39 AM | Anonymous member
    The Board of Directors held a phone conference on June 19 called to order at 7:00 am by Past President Shane Rogers and continued by President Holly Wadsworth. The minutes of the May meeting were approved as presented. The board reviewed and approved the current financial statements. Our own board member Jennifer graced the cover of the summer issue of the Zone 4 Magazine. Jyl reported on the progress of the grant application and mentioned we may hear of the results around June 27. The Plant Something Grant request was $59,000 over a 3 year period. Scott Norris of the Small Business Growth Alliance will be contacting members throughout the month of June. Jyl attended the Fire Safe annual meeting which is creating a certification for home builders emphasizing the importance of building with fire safety in mind. They would like to partner with MNLA to include landscapers in the education and certification process. Jyl visited several nurseries in Kalispell as well as Missoula. The Expo forms are available on the web site and the Fall Tour registration forms will be available soon. Legislative members from the MNLA and AMTOPP met in Kalispell with Donna to discuss the licensing budget and language. The goal of the meeting was to simplify, educate, and cooperate. An additional meeting is being scheduled for Billings Aug. 7 following the Golf Tournament during the Fall Tour. Shane emphasized more education and self-policing as well as nursery inspections being included in the annual licensing fee rather than additional charges. The Fall Tour is shaping up. The Board of Directors will meet at 10:00 AM. The golf tournament will begin at 1:00 pm and the CPP Exam will begin at 2:00 pm on August 7. August 8 James has been working on tour stops and has just a few left to confirm. Jyl is working on the brochure with the designer. Ryan reported six additional booths have been spoken for the Expo Trade Show. The next meeting will be August 7 at the Fall Tour.

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